Pre-Birthday/Birthday Haul 


2017 has finally arrived and so far so great I’ve had a two good positive days so far in the new year. Today is still going so I’m hoping to find some sort of positive outlook on things for this evening. 

Pre-Birthday/birthday presents haul 

Pre-Birthday party and presents:

Pre-Birthday Party: This year I wanted to do something different to what I normally do every year for my birthday. So I did a pre-birthday on Sunday 1st January 2017 with all of my family who could make it then; than the actual day which is Monday 2nd January 2017. It was good but an hour and half of it lead to my cousin who had hard time calming down because he has autism and something was accident and he didn’t know how to calm down until we tried everything to calm him down.

Pre-Birthday presents:

This year’s birthday I had received money but not a lot but it was nice; along with Alice In The Looking Glass and Pete’s Dragon both old and new films, and last but not least more craft letters and a wooden board with tissue paper.

They were from my family who I’m close too and I did have a good time other than my cousin who has special needs took him at least an hour or so to calm down when something was an accident on which couldn’t be helped and he was upset and anxious about it. However when it comes to my family you get use to the idea and what to expect to happen each time. 

Actual Birthday and presents:

On my actual birthday I had received make up from my sister because I need some make up anyways as I was running out of the things that I use and plus where I get my make up she works at the store that I go to so it’s a win win situation. 

From my parents I had received a coat that I actually wanted because I needed a in between coat to begin with my two coats that I have already are either to hot or not ready to be used, leggings as I wear my leggings a lot and I always find that there’s loads of holes in them and had to throw them away and last but not least I got a shirt that’s posh because I like shirts that make me look smart and presentable. Oh and a really nice soft scarf to go with my coat.

I have also received lush products because I love my baths especially in the winter as it’s very cold at the moment in time. I had Floating Island Bath Melt, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment B, Razzle Dazzle Bath Melt and Think Pink Bath Bomb 90G. These are from Lush. 

I love my board games as I’ve been brought up in playing them than sitting at the tv or playing computer games. As soon as I found out that my hometown was bring out Guildford Monopoly; I really wanted to get it to see what it was like to play and what places were on the board, it is a fun game to play actually and nice to be able sit down with the family and play it.

Last but not least I received dairy inserts for my diary as I needed to replace my diary inserts from last year. I know well derr that’s why they are called diary inserts stupid. Haha I need to keep a diary so that I know what I’m doing and what I have planned and what not because otherwise I would forget.


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