Monday True Blues have finally come


Thought as I lay in bed at 5:37pm in the evening that no matter how much I’m in pain now before I actually do go to be tonight I am glad to have piece and quiet for awhile.

Monday True Blues have finally come

The harder my day was as soon as I got up this morning until I put the last child of my class on the bus home and a few others. All I thought was peace at last. Didn’t even notice how much pain I was in until I laid on the floor in the middle of one of the classrooms just to say “I’m done now”. 

The worst bit is that as soon as got home and started to relax I was in that massive pain of ouch from the shooting pain from my back all the way down my legs. I couldn’t take much of the pain; so I thought what’s the best way of reducing the pain that I am receiving here, correct 10 points to your house team that your in. My apologies thinking of Harry Potter then. 

However the pain didn’t last long after I fell asleep after having a bath. Literally the pain returned and now that I feel so exhausted from the hips down everything feels numb. 

My day grew worse since I was trying to leave the house this morning. Got to work it was just me and someone else as the main original team member with a deputy manager doing all the complete changes running up and down the corridors. It didn’t calm down when the original teacher came in to take over and cover so the deputy manager had to do something. 

To be honest it was the Monday Blues everyone actually had it throughout the day. Nearly everyone at lunch time or at break actually just wanted to sleep or just want to go home by that stage. Nearly everyone had one drama or so in their class. Even the kids had the blues. 

Well all I could say is that at least this Monday has now truly over. We don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.


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