When being a grown up is hard? Yet still learning. -Wednesday Evening 8 O’Clock 


When is being a grown up ever easy than hard? Remember when you just a kid or a teenager and you always say to the teachers I can’t wait until I grow up because I can be an astronaut or I can’t wait until I leave this f*** school it’s a pile of s***. I’ve got news for you tough nuts it’s all not that sweet potato and creams. Let me explain.

When being a grown up is hard? Yet still learning.

Don’t even remember when I hit my twenties it was 6 years ago since I hit them and I think I was still at college at the time. Education feels such a long time ago now for me everything is a blur and no not that song either just blur. Also not the band either. Jeez guys come on man. 

There is no manual for being adult or anything you just have to learn and follow the conquesence of your own actions. You either win or loose them. Being a grown up is never easy; yet I’m still learning as the time goes by each day. 

You still have to get on with life even if you don’t like the person or you don’t get on with someone. You can’t get on with everyone and I’m working on that one as well even if someone has a split personality. That’s annoying to the point of being rude. 

I learn to keep my mouth shut until all the sudden once someone knows they have over stepped the mark and gets everything. I’m quiet good at keeping it all in but when I get annoyed, angry and etc I will blurt it out but I’m lucky enough to mention it to a teacher that I’m working with who is new just letting her know that I was struggling to get on with someone. 

I might revisit this blog in so many years to come and see what it’s like then and has it changed since I wrote this one. Ooh like a time capsule. 


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