Why are people so quick to judge?(Based on Prince Harry’s current relationship)


I was doing my average reading of the news on my iPad from the app of newsfeed because that’s what I generally do when I’m bored and get some ideas for my blog post. Noticed that both Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationships with their wife or girlfriend under fire either from discrimination of their beauty or race or even their background or heritage. 

For example Prince William is Ambassador something along the lines of that for the BAFTA Awards as it’s his part of his royal duties to be apart of it. The bosses don’t want Prince William to bring Kate to the awards because she will outshine all the female stars. Especially the ones who are well known to the big screens and everyone who adores and fancy. 

In my opinion that’s wrong because at times Kate has to be at events with Prince William weather or not they don’t want her there. She’s the next in line to the throne to be a queen as she is married to the next king after Prince Charles.

Why are people so quick to judge? Based on Prince Harry’s current relationship 

The main topic that brought to my attention is that people are so quick to judge on people’s relationships. On which it’s just sad that the society today are still being racist, mean, criticising and everything else. Then again you have people like Donald Trump in power and thinks he is god. On which he is the next fascist racist person who is going to be the next person who’s going to start world war; following someone footsteps that I am not going mention, due to the respect of people who lost their lives. 

What made me feel sick and ashamed is that Prince Harry and his current girlfriend is under attack because of her background. It needs to stop. Honestly it does because if the royal family are happy and her family are happy. That’s all that matters because they are just two normal people in love. 

If she’s the one for him. Go him because at the end of the day Grace Kelly married a prince from Monaco and she retired as an actress to marry the love of her life. She became a princess on which everyone adored her still. 

The only one main thing that we should always should remember is that we should be worrying about our children and ourselves who we date because there are people who have been killed by their partners because they either don’t tell us all the truth about themselves. Once the relationship goes the way people want them to go that’s when their true colours come out and start showing who they really are. 

Personally I think Prince Harry’s girlfriend is beautiful no matter what her background is. If she’s the one she’s the one for him and if she can keep him grounded then that’s more of a bonus in my opinion. Good luck Harry. 


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