My weekly, month and year planning schedule looks like. – Wednesday Evening Post 8 O’Clock


Better get this sorted shouldn’t we as the first is just around the corner and haven’t planned the whole Wednesday Evening Post at 8 O’Clock. Started a layout for my notes but just haven’t got round to writing it. 

I thought this month I should kick off with Blogging Advice because it’s been awhile or so. I thought I might as well share with you guys what my timetable planning looks like. Well you have to imagine it to be honest. Well I’ll explain more down below to make it easier for you guys to follow.

My weekly, monthly and yearly planning schedule looks like.

I sooo tired to take photos of my planning schedule still can’t say schedule properly in my head without my mouth and tongue getting all twisted. Imagination it is then. I have a weekly planner that keeps me update with all the planning, the prep and the things that I do behind the scenes; so when I come back to look over what I have done, I can say oh yeah I did that or see how much I have proved on what I know now since then. I have the exact same thing for my social media planning; where I can keep it in mind each week what I have achieved on that day, but also what’s been a good day and what’s been a bad day.

Monthly planner is where each month I set out what days have a made schedule on certain days and work round the other days I can put a blog up on a normal day. For example: Green is for Wednesday Evening Post at 8 O’Clock, Yellow for #throwbackthursday and Orange for Friday Time! Recap Time! I prefer to colour code my main days in which helps me to remember to do a post or write next to it weather I had posted one or not on that day in a different colour. For social media preferences I am doing a monthly review on the bases of what I have done well in that month and what I haven’t done well for a year. 

Yearly planner shows me the whole base of what I’ve got to do over the course of the year. It’s the same every month and colour coded to tell me that what needs to happen. I don’t really need to remind myself too much on that it’s just a guideline to help me know what to expect from myself and the blog.


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