Valentines Day in my own opinion 


Oh joys. It’s that time of year that people get more and more soppy around this time of year. Excuse me whilst I go and vomit in the bathroom. Don’t understand how and why you need to have a day of love and etc. When you know you love them everyday 365 days a year. What gives to have one special day? I’m going to share my opinion and experience of Valentine’s Day.

 Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day happens once a year on 14th February. As soon as Christmas has finished and all the January sales have finished. Every shop, restaurant and hotels will be full booked up for romantic time and spend it with your favourite love one who is your rock and soul. 

Many of the people hate and despise this time of year because they don’t have that special love one to share it or they have to give up their time to serve the happy couples who rub it in their faces. 

It’s bad enough I have to deal with it everyday just seeing cute couples just standing there snogging each other’s faces off. Come on guys there’s a time and place for that. Not when you have to rub it in everyone’s faces and showing the whole world that you love one another. 

Personally hate it where the girls or women demand everything that they want from their partners, hubbies and boyfriends. When they stand up to them and say “no” they start having a screaming match until they given in. To be honest I feel sorry for the blokes and their wallets if you ask me. 

I don’t like men spoil me with things that’s if they get a chance to at the end of the day. I let them get me a drink or a meal out nothing more. I’m so use to be on my own doing things I can’t include a male buying me things. 

Can’t let me carry my bags of shopping but have let a guy once carry my things but not since then. I’m way too stubborn to let anyone carry anything. 

I’m so use to be on my own and have been hurt when previous relationships didn’t turn up so. That’s probably why I hate it so much. I’m trying to be good this year I think but who knows. I’ll give you the overall on the day if something happens.

I hope you have a fun time whatever your doing or if your not celebrating it go in style of dvd night, pjs and lots of junk food. Mmmm. 


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