Sunday Special 


Not like a pun for a Sunday. There’s no sun today or there’s no sun in day. If that works haha. Just thought I might do a blog that I don’t have to think to much to write about it. 

Sunday Special 

What is Sunday Special really about? To be honest with you I have no idea what it is about. Just thought about it and thought hey let’s do a Sunday blog…wishful thinking as my eyes start close once more to sleep.

Normally Sundays are my paperwork day mainly and a bit on Saturday but I did monjority of the paperwork yesterday so I haven’t got much to do today. Didn’t sleep to well last night due to personal reasons; which doesn’t help my mood in the long run or my mental health, that’s probably why I’m so tired. 

Started to study again on which it gave me a great idea of a blog; so I made notes for the prep for it, can’t wait to write it and explain it to you guys. It’s just such a unique idea in the way of no one hasn’t really done it as far as I can see. 

The cold weather doesn’t help as one is still in her pjs and should get out of them. Look presentable as if she’s going to go out at any point but highly unlikely she will but best do so. 

I’ve also cleaned the kitchen, put washing on and tumbled dried the underwear and now I’m just chilling out continuing to do a bit more studying along watching or shall I say listening to something in the background as I’m working. 

That is pretty much what I have done today. Feels like I’ve done a lot but I haven’t really but onwards and upwards for a week off to be able to do things that I want to do. Watch this space.


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