5 Things that you use to be scared off as a kid….


Came up with this blog about 3:45am this morning as I couldn’t sleep and needed to get a paratomal weren’t feeling to brilliant head was slightly hurting, elbow and etc. Partly because I’ve been looking at screens monjority of the evening; but heyho that’s life normally doing something on the iPad sends me to sleep, in this case it didn’t. As I was coming back up the stairs I hated going back up the stairs especially when it’s dark between 3-4 something eree lurks on the stairs at that time. 

5 Things that you use to be scared off as a kid…

5 Things that I use to be scared of as a kid and some of them are still scare me this very exact day. As I have mentioned in my introduction this morning that I couldn’t get to sleep and about 3:45am this morning went downstairs and had to walk back up the stairs on which the stairs were more darker than anywhere else. Don’t like that one bit. Shall we look into what the five things that scare me as a kid and do they still do to this very day.

 Heights: As a kid I was a nightmare when it came to heights especially when it came to my mum expecting my sister at the time. I refused to go back up on this chair lift when I was on holiday to Isle of Wight and made my mum walk up all of these steps that went up the cliff face. I’m still hate heights to this very day I have good days and bad days but I force myself to do it then feel dreadful afterwards. 

Dark: When I was a kid I use to keep my light on and my door open because I was so frightened of the dark it took me ages to get over it. Even going to see someone to help me get over it. Never really worked to be honest well it did but it’s still there at the back of my mind. I’m still scared of the dark in some places like my stairs, going down my road as it has only two street lamps, even when the houses front doors are down the side in front of each other use to be frightened of that in the dark and last but not least if I’m away staying in a old cottage and I needed the bathroom couldn’t see anything as it was pitch black. 

Stairs: As a child I fell down the stairs and landed on a metal push chair. I do have a scar from it. Over the years of constant falling down the stairs I’m terrified of any sort of stairs that I come to because I have that feeling I’m going to fall down the stairs. 

Dead things: Not too sure when this began but I always hated when animals or people had died I always think they are going to come back to alive and say just kidding I’m not dead. I know it’s not going to happen but it’s the fear in the back of my mind when it does.

Houses: Never liked old houses or second hand things it’s one of those things where it’s use to be someone else’s at the time and it feels like your constantly being watched or being followed. However I’m still like it now that I can’t cope in them sort places or things. 


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