Singletons Wears Prada – Valentines Day Special


The idea of Singleton Wears Prada spring to my mind when me and my best friend who are both good friends; however his mum is trying to set us up but it’s not going to work, but we will be spending time together on Valentine’s Day celebrating being single.

Singletons Wear Parada

 I do have to give you advance warning this isn’t a real film. I like the play on words and it fitted with the film title of “The Devil Wears Prada”.  

 Every year every singleton is dreading this day coming; to the point of seeing every male and female getting things for their love ones, every shop stocking up valentines gives and all the singletons want to do is snuggle up in bed and watch Bridget Jones Diary all day long. 

 Part being single is great because you don’t have to bother about anyone else and you can just love yourself even more. Mostly importantly spend the money on yourself. However this year I’m spending it with two friends to keep me company; one is taking me out for the day hopefully that’s if they don’t have to be called into work, second one is spending the evening eating junk food and watching films. Now if that’s now how to live being a singleton then what isn’t. Knowing me I probably be ending up falling asleep at my friends; do have a habit of falling asleep watching films, but not recently.

I prefer me, myself and I because if I hate anyone of them I can break up with them better and easily than having arguments with someone who answers back. However do prefer a guy next to me for safety reasons but that’s just me. 

Hope you guys have a lovely day and enjoy yourselves. Don’t feel bad that you haven’t got anyone because guess what all the couples are stopping waiters, waitresses, cooks and so on from spending time with their loves ones on Valentine’s Day. 

Might find another play on words to blog about; as I enjoyed writing this blog way too much, and every time I see the picture makes me laugh and smile. 


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