All in the days work with make-up and hair


As my plans went out of the window this morning of spending a day out with someone; I decided to force myself to dye my hair and style it along with makeup. Yes it did take practically all morning to do but it was worth it. Yesterday and today’s post in one.

All in the days work with hair and make up 

As I had all day to do what I wanted to do as my date/friend got cancelled; there was no time of laying in bed felling sad and depressed about it, even though I wanted to but I forced myself to do something positive with my life and do my hair and make up. 

The hair colour produced that I use was Live Scarlett Red; on which I love the colour, because it’s so vibrant and stands out more than the rest of he colours that I have done over the years.

The price of the product was like £4.99 in Superdrug at the time that I got it; so I thought I’ll get two as I’m bound to have to do it again at some point in a few months time, luckily I did because it needed doing. Haha. 

The not so fun bit is that you have to stand there for good half an hour to an hour; then bend over or kneel over the ridiculous small white bath that I have, believe me I hate that bath with a passion. I prefer to have a shower when I’m washing my hair quick easy to do. Plus doesn’t hurt my back as much. Do have a back problem so yeah. That’s what you get for staying at your parents folks. 

Once I washed everything out and dried it with an towel etc. I stayed in my Take That t-shirt the one with Robbie and Jason Orange in; sorry lads the only old t-shirt that I had left, also don’t like round neck t-shirts that straggles me too much. 

I did have other clothes on as well a top vest that I was going to wear underneath and old pair of leggings that I wore the day before. I blowed dried my hair to the way I wanted it after I had brushed it the first time. Drying my hair feels like more than 20 minutes or so to dry. 

Didn’t do anything to it after I dried it; scooped it well some of it and clipped it then worked with my make up. The make up I use is Collection, Simple, Revolution, Barry M, B., Max Factor, Revlon and Maybellin New York. I think I’m missing one of here but not sure. Currently bag is packed incase I fall asleep at my friends. 

It does take me quite awhile to do because there’s so much I have to go through. I start with cleansing my face using B and Simples; from there to Barry M foundation and primer; to collection loose powder in my defence it sneezes everywhere when I put that on, to Revlon concelor pad and Collection wand, to Collection pressed powder, to Maybellin eyeshows, to Collection liquid eyeliner to Max Factor mascara to Maybellin eyebrow duo. 

Just think how long that took me to do this morning probably 20-30 minutes long to do; if I have time in the mornings at work I try and put make up on, but never manage to get that far depending on how long it takes me to get ready and if I’m over slept. 

After taken a photo and everything with the my short hair. I decided to put my long purple red hair extensions in; to be able to see what it looks like and how it works, but also get to play around with it. 

Each section of the extensions I would brush them one at a time; then straight them one at the time, then put them in one at a time. I just love the fact how my hair becomes more feminine and changes my face shape and my eyes. 

How do you manage to keep you make up and hair extensions in and on when staying at someone else’s house? I’m quite a restless sleeper no matter where I am if I’m honest with you. Home or at someone’s house because that’s who I am. Fortunately today after getting my hair and face done so nicely yesterday perfectly I didn’t have to do much in the way of doing it again until I got home. It is difficult when your at somebodies house because they have different ways of doing things and etc. It really depends on how well you do things and how well you know your friend and their family


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