Date night did it go well or did it not?


Date night did it happen or did it not happen? Did it go well or did it not? Well I will tell you all about it right now. 

Date night did it go well or did it not?

After having technical difficulties with my phone and still have it until my new one arrives but my did happen. After he was going to bail out on me once again but it was it did go well. Very well in fact.  

Didn’t really do much; being me along with directions to find somewhere to park and chat, spent 20 minutes looking where to park for a chat as we only had like an hour or so. 

We did finally find somewhere after 20 minutes; we did get on like a house on fire, public speak poor choice of words lizzy poor choice of words, due to the fact that we had only an hour together I really didn’t want him to go. That’s because he was sleepy and shattered as always an excuse for things; these days you can’t find the guy who’s good enough haha, he’s only a few years older than me jeez. 

I do hope to see him again; but I’m not sure to be honest, hasn’t asked to see me again or asked me out but who knows. He still talking to me when he can but it’s hard to know what goes on in his head of his. 

We will see. We will see. 


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