February Newsletter – Friday Time Recap Time 


Another month gone. Lots of things happened this month to which are some sad and some are happy. New memories have been made. New blogs have been made. There’s nothing more that I can say without my readers and my friends support through my darkest times that I have had. I am grateful for all of the support. Thank you.

I thought each month on every last Friday the newsletter has it’s own slot on the Friday Time Recap Time. As we can look back over the month that we have achieved ourselves and myself.

February Newsletter 

This month I feel like I managed to achieve somethings that I wanted to do with my blogs. The pass month the stats has been great overall due to the fact that my creative writing juice has been excellent even through the darkest at times. However it goes to show that I am still getting amazing reception from my readers who take their time out to read them. 

The Elephant Trump has lost one of his bans already; however is still trying to get around it one way or another, the White House is up in arms with the whole Trump shake up. Doubt it will calm down anytime soon. Had the women march across the whole country of America and even London had one in support which started in the end of January. Sacked a few people. Yelled down the phone to other countries. Petition for stopping Trump coming to England; along with public speaker under fire as he doesn’t want Trump to make a speech, on which the lord speaker had to step in as well.

Valentine’s Day happened in the half term in my local area; on which I didn’t have a brilliant time but it was okay, met up a friend for a bit and then stayed over another friends house later on that day. Did have my whole day planned but one was cancelled one; not me who cancelled it but someone else due to they had to work.

Meet up with the friend Woody who I should of met up on the Tuesday but instead we met up on the Thursday afternoon. On which it was quite nice to have the time together as we don’t get to see each other. Then Saturday of the last half term was meant to meet up Mark but he never messaged or called me when he had finished what he had to do. So I got stood up for that. Went on a date with Jay Camp on the last Sunday and it was very nice and enjoyable; could be a potential boyfriend maybe, who knows we will see.

On the 6th February 2017 The Queen has celebrated her 65th (sapphire) reigning the country (United Kingdom) as the longest monarch to live and to continue to serve her country at the age of 90. She has brought the whole royal family to the 21st century; still finding ways to reach out to the public, and still standing strong. I asked my parents one question and one question that all parents should know but on this one they couldn’t even answer themselves. When Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth turn 95 and 90 years old last year; I had asked “what will happen when they reach 100 and would they have to send themselves a birthday card of each other saying happy birthday?”, my parents couldn’t even answer that one as no one has reach this far in day in age nor being this long of being a monarch. We will soon have to find out in years to come what will happen.

Thursday 23rd January during the Storm Doris worked all day even when I was extremely tired first thing, I put deodorant in my hair instead of dry shampoo realised what I had done. Too late to wash my hair by that stage so I had to put dry shampoo over the top of it. Typical of me but please don’t try that at home if was a pure accident on my part. 

After working all day; me and one of my closest work friend went shopping; had a meal out, after that we watched a film fifty shades darker, it is pretty good if you ask me I completely forgot the plot line until I got into it and remembered the story line. If you have read the books see the films; I only read the books to see what people were talking about, so I had to see the films to see if they were following the story lines.

Enjoy the last weekend guys



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