10 Weird Habits That So Many People Have


After scouting around and asking people to give me a hand with titles; I have finally got a few pages of ideas that I can use as for my blog main categories, then labelling them to which subject category that it should go under. Not a weird habit of mine or is it a weird habit of mine? I’ll let you decide on that one. 

10 Weird Habits That So Many People Have. 

Everyone has those weird habits that people will think that is so weird why would you do that; or actually do the same thing, on which makes them think that your weird. Everyone is different and weird in there own way believe me; I have weird habits from fiddling with a cold glass of Pepsi in Weatherspoons, to something that I can’t even remember without noticing it myself. 

So I did some research and found 10 things that I have noticed and observed by people around me or that I do myself. Here is what I have found: 

Gossip: everyone love to gossip once in awhile; but on the other hand there are people who gossip a lot about anything and anyone because their lives are that boring, where they have nothing else better to say.

Having a brain fart: I have these a lot. Where I start to say something important or having a chat about something; then all of the sudden I’m like I don’t even know where I was going with that one, as my mind goes completely blank. Even if you go into another room or need to speak to someone and your like “I came in here for something, what was it” or you find that person and your like “I was coming to see you about something but can’t remember what it was” 

Taking shoes off at work: I have a habit of taking my shoes off at work; due to the fact that I can’t stand shoes on my feet for long periods of time especially in the months of coldness etc, bad enough wearing socks are horrible at the best of times. Most people don’t like shoes and I’m not the only one who doesn’t like shoes either. 

Cry at films and programs: I’m not one of those people that show emotions when it comes to films or programs that make me cry; only about 2 things that have nearly made me cry but not physically cry, Eastenders first ever live show when one of the characters had died and the last film of Harry Potter. I know a few people who would cry at anything; going to name and shame my dearest cousin Rosie; who literally cry at anything, if you stick a film or a program on in front of her. 

Saying “sorry” for no reason: saying sorry for no reason thinking that the thing that a friend or a relative wanted and they “sorry”. As they feel like they had to; to make the other person feel better, even though it’s not their fault. Rosie on the other hand is so bad at this to the point of even her work has told her to stop saying it unless she has to. What’s more impressive is that her own 17 year old brother who has autism has picked it up and told her to stop saying sorry. 

Popping pimples: I do have to confess I am one of those people who do still pop pimples; I know it’s gross and all but if I’m not wearing make up to cover it up I will generally go of them, as they are so annoying. There’s at least two places I hate getting them is my right hand side of my chin and my left eye brow. Two irritating places to have. 

Kiss: Why when you great like old releatives or intermediate family’s that you haven’t seen for a while or ages they kiss you on a check or both sides. I’m like ew gross who does that sort of thing now days. I know it shows respect and etc but seriously people can take it the wrong way especially today’s society. confused.com 

Zone out: when people make a habit of zoning out when people are either talking to you or your just not paying attention and you come back into the room. Your like what was that? What are you talking about. 

Take a risk: I do have to say I take a fair amount of risks in things but all people do unless your one of those people who are like I don’t know. I use to be one of those but now I’m like; I don’t actually care right now, I just do what it’s right.

Checking themselves out: I do catch people out who check themselves out because it’s just funny; I’m like get over yourselves please you are fine when you left the house, your fine as you are now and you are most probably fine when you get home. Odd occasion I do it but I’m not so overly obsessive as people are these days. 


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