Become successful writer by doing research, planning and know what you are writing.


Your probably reading this right now; thinking that I can’t do that? I’m not going to be a good enough writer? Or be a successful writer if I got to do all that? Is she mad? Correction you can do it, you will be a good writer and all of the most brilliant minds can do all that; to which you are brilliant, with a brilliant mind. 

Sadly I am mad. Mad enough to have loads of folders, notebooks, files on my laptop and my iPad. Not as mad as Bellatricks from Harry Potter not that completely mad just yet. Close enough but not that close it’s one of those love hate relationships me and her. 

Become successful writer by doing research, planning and to know what you are writing. 

I would always tell people that I carry a notebook and a pen around me as much as I can; this is because you will never know when an idea will form into your head for a story, and you need to write it down quickly. For example: ‘the contractors had unearthed the true sides of what the old buildings sides; back in the Tudor times of black beams with white walls, that once covered up by a glass dome entrance that once use to be Tunsgate’ 

When you have an idea for a story; I always find that either to go to the place that is set, so that you can feel the vibes and most importantly what the place may feel like as a person but most importantly what the character might be feeling. If you can’t get to the place for any reason you can research it online; like for example: what the place do, what the place may feel like or what’s even better what does the place look like. 

Along side the researching; planning is always a good sense of knowing which part goes where and fill in the blanks along the way, I always do beginning entry first, middle second and then the ending sometimes things don’t seem to work that way sometimes for me but it does depend on what comes first into your minds eye.

To be able to have an idea of the age range of your readers; to which you will know to whom to aim for, along with the idea of what your story that’s forming in your head at the time.

All the best good luck. X


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