Sunday Special


Welcome to another Sunday Special; a new month has arrived, lots of birthdays happening this month. Just had one and now two more left to go. 

On the right is my Sunday Special picture where I have got myself ready before 11, well a few minutes after I think but still. Did wash my hair yesterday but being in a very hot house yesterday for a party; you start sweating to the point of needing air, along with wanting to cry because you know certain family members are ill.

Sunday Special 

Today is the day I just don’t want to do anything; feeling so tired and down, I just can’t be bothered to do any of my paper work. I have so much to do today with my blogs that I can’t even do any of them today.

This is what you get when you have a full time job and when you have a stressful busy week you have literally have no energy what so ever. Right now I’m literally falling asleep right now as I’m writing this blog. Not like I’ve got a months worth of blogs to write for Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays post as well. 

Today is just a chill out blog day hopefully. I’m in no rush to do anything else to day; other than resting my back as it’s been hurting badly and really itchy but I can’t get to it as it’s literally inside where my spine is. Trap nerve or something in my spine had for over a year now. I should get it checked out if you ask me.

Have a good Sunday. Enjoy your day. X


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