Has any history repeated itself whilst working in a school?


I thought about this long and hard; funny enough it’s all true if you ask me, where ever I go something happens. Let me tell you my story of my secondary up until now. May skip a few years or so to the present.

Has any history repeated itself whilst working in a school?

2002/2003 my first year of secondary was probably when it started to go down hill for the next 5 years. In my first academic year of secondary; so 2002/2003 in my first year in just a few months in, my school got set a light so I had a few months off because I wasn’t allowed to go back for awhile. As soon as we got back to school we were there just for a few months settling in back in; another part of the school got burnt down but it wasn’t as bad as the first one, sadly it was still open and we still had to go to school.

15 years later what made me laugh is that they had a new build as I left they were doing the foundations in 2007. They had a gas leak in the new building so they had to evacuate everyone from the premises; I was thinking haven’t they learnt 15 years ago when they had it bad the first time, to be fair they did have a bad reputation when I was at school there. Not as much now days.

The job that I do now is working in a school but with special needs; we had evacuate and go into my old school, due to the fact that we had a scare. This was last year in February day before we had half term. Now year later it’s happening again; on which one day I think it will happen for real, but I’m not planning on spending 4-5 hours in my old school again. I would so help the police to find them culprits and deal with them myself. 

To answer the question has any history repeated itself? Yes I believe so. This is the 21st century things will bound to happen again and again until we work it out but the government hasn’t really sorted out protection for the schools if they become under attack.


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