Start a diet in 5 easy steps


When I chose this; I thought yeah this would be a great idea to do because I’m shredding a load of weight here, now I’m here writing it I’m like. What am I thinking? Why am I doing this right now? however it is better to get it over and done with as best I can. 

Start a diet in 5 easy steps

To be able to eat the right things that are healthy and right. If you want to use weight watchers and etc; that’s okay but personally for me I don’t do anything of that myself because I do it my own way, by limiting what I take to work. Not going round my local shop and stocking up junk food and fizzy stuff. I let myself do it once or twice now but not all the time. 

Go to a gym or if your job is full on; on your feet all the time you most likely to loose the weight as quickly as you can, I know I have as I’ve been running around doing things at work that I do, stressing and sweating a lot more so I’m loosing a lot. 

You know you can get those bottles that you can put in your own flavour of drinks using the whole natural fruits you can get; from supermarkets, local markets and etc. I find that having one of those on a go helps you stay refreshed; lose a bit of weight but most importantly keep you healthy, with having water and fruit going into your body.

Set realistic goals where you can take each step at a time like not weighing yourself everyday; leave it for every two weeks or so, with me I don’t bother weighing myself because I like to see the change in myself in a mirror or people comment about it. I know for the fact that I struggle with my weight on and off so I rather do it my way than follow guidelines from somewhere else. 

To be able to reward yourself but not punish yourself; to reward yourself with something that you would if you had a kid or when you were a child, don’t punish yourself by eating all the wrong sorts because you thought you haven’t reached the goal for that week. Just extend the goals a few weeks more; it’s okay not to reach it all the time just try your best of keep going, work at it as much as you can.


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