Mothers Day Extra Sunday Special 


Mother’s Day has finally come. Not even going to bore you why I hate theses sort of events. I love my mum dearly but it’s one of those things where it’s on a Sunday and makes it worse. Anyways like I said I won’t bore you in why I hate it so much. 

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day in England always falls in March on which I do not know why I personally think it should be in the summer and Father’s Day should be in March but that’s just my opinion. This year it falls on one of my brothers birthday; on which he was meant to come down for the weekend but couldn’t, heyho but yeah. 

But today is going to be a special one as a few families who have lost or have injured family members due to the horrible terror attack that we have recently had; the children who would have either made something at school or brought something already for their mums, will possible won’t be able to give them to their love ones.

Mothers that have passed away their children will only have found memories; decorate their gravestones or different ways of remembering them, to say thank you for everything that they have done. 

Mothers who work in the public services who give up their time and help look after our own mothers who are poorly and ill; give up time to protect the public from danger, and many more when they should be spending it with their own children.

Mothers who share it with their love ones on the special day will be with their children and children gives their mothers hugs and more things. 

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum. Just hope you’ll have a peaceful day not having to run around looking after and sorting out your mum and dad. Love you lots. 
Happy Mother’s Day


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