Uncomplicated shouldn’t be complicated.


In life we come across with things that we have to deal with everyday life; on that things that are uncomplicated shouldn’t be complicated in the first place, but people enjoy the whole making it out as it’s the most complicated thing you can ask for in life. 

Uncomplicated shouldn’t be complicated 

Teenagers may think or ask how simple things work but make it so hard and complicated to the point of giving up on the first hurdle. For example: dishwasher taking it out the things that have been washed and putting in the dirty stuff in and turning it on. It’s so not rocket science to put two and two together each time you do it. 

Even having a fall house full of adults but one chooses not to do anything or don’t like be told to do things by another adult; just don’t be so complicated then, be uncomplicated and do wha you have been asked or help out than rushing off and get someone else to do it.

People in relationships as in couples; either one partner or another partner makes out certain things that are complicated, but really things should be uncomplicated as it sounds. If you talked to one another then it would be so much easier and uncomplicated than you can go.

I recently done something that shouldn’t be complicated but uncomplicated but I just feel like I’m treated unfairly for something; if I was working all day and someone was home before me should do somethings, yet I still have to do and etc. Apologies just needed a bit of a rant. 

What things that you have seen that’s uncomplicated shouldn’t be complicated? Why not comment down below I would love to see what you think about it. Here’s a question for you not trying to sound rude. Is it uncomplicated to comment and like a post? Or is it complicated to comment and like the post? What’s your verdict?


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