What do you wear for a date?


I thought about this long and hard. Sometimes I even don’t know what to wear for a date half the time because I’m so inexperienced with it all. So this is my guideline of what I would wear if I went on a date.

What would you wear on a date?

Casual wear: Depends on the activity your doing normally it’s a causal wear if your going out to like playing golf, walk and many other things that is more casual things to do. Like what you wear everyday that your most comfortable in, 

Formal wear: wearing something formal if your going out for a meal, meal at each other’s houses and many more. Wearing formal wear is something like dress or a shirt and jeans something that makes you stand out more than the rest of the guys you have been on dates with. 

I find that you have to agree with the other party who you are going out on a date with; of which sort of date it is, so that the both of you don’t look stupid or be humiliated in front of people. I always ask on what they are going to wear so that I can pretty much get an idea what I should wear. 


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