Spring Clean Make Up and Blog 


Playing around with some pictures earlier; I couldn’t decide which picture should be the main one as an overall and one for seasons collection, I like the overall category for the inside of the blog but I just don’t like the season one as I look more at it. As I’m writing my notes for the spring clean. Hang on let me make another one and I’ll see which one is the best one. 

With the two by side by side of each other in my notes; I personally like the second one, on which we have got now. As the winner of the picture and got the awesome nice picture for the category of the seasons. 

Spring Clean Make Up and Blog 

Now that introduction has nicely warmed you up with a debate of what picture that I liked best and etc. I just realised that I’ve just used two of the same picture; all well never mind that shows how tired I am doesn’t it, but it actually looks quite nice actually.

Make Up Spring Clean

My make up spring clean has been sorted out now; I can see what I have got, along with what I use on a daily bases as I can, but also more organised than a box not so organised as much. 

With the a basket for all of my make up I can easily see where my make up is; along with the whole what I need more off, I’ve just ordered a few bits from Superdrug as I needed some but I couldn’t get the one I needed the most but hopefully they will be in stock soon so that I can order it. The things that I have ordered are 2 Collection Concelers , 2 Collection Compressed Powders, 2 Red Live Hair Dye. Can’t wait for them to come through the post; might have to go in to get Sheer Powder loose from the store as I’m running out of hat quite quickly. My hair actually needs redoing as the roots are coming through along with the colour is starting to fade. I think that will be a holiday jobbie yeppie. 

Blog Space Spring Clean

Before the spring clean of my blog/creative area happened; my blog/creative area was a bit of a mess if you asked, even with the trays still weren’t happening of keeping it nice and tidy. It was actually down to the top shelve in tray stationary, note books and etc were everywhere; along with the files, the clipboards, the yellow boards and one missing clipboard that’s not up there but should be there. 

In the end I had brought a basket for all of them to go in; as you can see in the picture, yes it is the same as my make up one as well got them both at the same time. I am surprised however is that it fits in the in tray nicely; but also things fit in, along with the easy access of getting into the basket to get what I want. Like to have some sense of order in my life of what I use everyday; shame about the rest of my room though as it’s a tip haha. Next one tackle if I can actually have the energy to do so. 


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