The smells of my childhood are..


I pulled an all nighter on the last weekend of March; because I couldn’t sleep what so ever, due to the fear of slugs don’t even ask on that one that is another day to tell but also my right shoulder has been killing me. On which meant I decided to write a blog for one of the major events on which I don’t think I’ve got one ready for this week yet. 

The smells of my childhood are…

Everyone has those certain smells when that remind them of their childhood and when they get older and become an adult there’s certain things that trigger them back to their childhood memories. The smells of my childhood are…

Is when your camping and you can tell when it’s going to rain or it has been raining due to the fact of the moist and the dampness in the air. It always is found memory still from now; because I know it’s going to rain because of the temperature, people don’t even understand how I even know it’s going to happen when it actually happens. They sometimes don’t believe me when it actually happens; I’m like there you go, there’s my proof that it’s going to rain. 

Twists and aniseed balls everytime I get them now days it reminds me of when my mum use to get them when I was younger and ever so often I would have one. Plus I think my mum had craving for them when she was expecting me to be honest. 

Not sure what else there is but surely they will come to me at some point in life. I am not sure. Who knows. What certain smells are there that takes you back to childhood


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