The best places to buy cheap clothing but worth the money


The best places to buy clothes that are cheap but worth their quality and to be able to wear with anything. 

The best places to buy cheap clothing but worth the money.

The best places that I find cheap clothing has to be Primark because they are all nice, reasonable prices, different types of clothing range for everyone and many more. Primark I do have to say is my one of my all time favourite shops; probably the only clothes shop that I get my clothes from to be honest, when I was at school growing up it was New Look and a few independent shops that was around at the time. 

Sometimes still go into New look and see what they have got but there’s nothing really I want in a clothing part that I like; unless there’s something that caught my eye then yeah, but yeah normally I go out again as there’s nothing really what I wanted. 

Amazon is good for clothes but it’s hard for someone like me to know what size I am until I order it and then receive it. Do you get that you click on the the size that you think you are but then you struggle to get it on and off. I’m not saying I’m fat fat; but fat enough to me to make a decision that I should go up the next size up or one more with the independent store, than the well known shops. 

Sorry this is short but these are the only places or online I go on for clothing and where it’s cheap. 


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