About Lizzysweeklyblogs 

“Oh look visitors. Come in come in. Too close back a bit back a bit back back a bit. To far. There you settled”

Lizzysweeklyblogs is currently made up three to four sections at the moment currently of About me, Lifestyle, Relationships and Blogging Tips. The reason for that is because in these areas are the most talked about in our daily lives well except about me of course. 

My blogs are unquie and more what the word tactile is that the word I’m looking for. Oh look I’ve just quoted Little Marmaid weren’t even trying. Now I have the song stuck in my head. See this is what you will find in my blogs little things that draw my readers in. I like to be the one that people say oh did you read this bloggers post the other day. It’s so funny. In life I like to give people advice and share my personal opinions on the matter more to the point my own experience in life hence why about me is a category. 

I am always looking new ways of creating new things to improve my skills and crafty ways. Would love to expand and become a professional writer and blogger making my dreams come true. 

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