Behind the creator 

Eleventh Doctor: [to himself] I could be a curator. I’d be great at curating, I’d be “The Great Curator” ha-ha. I could retire and do that. I could retire and be the curator of this place.

The Curator: [behind him] You know I really think you might.

[the Doctor turns and studies the Curator curiously]

Eleventh Doctor: I never forget a face.

The Curator: I know you don’t. And in years to come you might find yourself revisiting a few… but just the old favorites, eh?

[the Eleventh Doctor winks at him]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 

I’ve come to find writing about me as the first thing when starting a blog is the hardest thing to do because you don’t know really what to write about and you don’t know your style of writing is going to be. Now I know what my style of writing is and I’ve opened up a bit more about my life in away of relating to some of the stories that I blog about. Now I’m ready to write about me in the way I know how to write in my blog.

Now shall we begin with my name. Well everyone knows my name surely don’t they? The massive big clue in the link. No you haven’t put two and two together. It is true my name is Lizzy and the picture about is me. I am curvy and short. Never like my curves or my height but that’s because curves come with the height of being 5ft4 1/2 where everyone else in my family are like 5ft9 – 6ft2 but at least I can pin point where they are when I can’t find them and amazingly I can tell from a mile of someone’s height because of experience that I have.  The best thing is with my height they can’t find me if we’re in the clothes shop because I’m the same height to some of the clothes rack. Haha

I have find my hobbies that I love doing again after a long time of being ill with mental health issues. Blogging has kept me going even if I didn’t want to face it but it has help me to get back into the love of writing once more and to be able to challenge myself. Creative writing has always been apart of my life from the age of 5. It has helped me in so many ways by challenging my frustrations of anger, upset, happy and etc. Most importantly it has helped me with my dyslexia and language difficulties without conquering the writing and believing in myself to work with it I’ve come along way.

 I go to the gym in my hometown called Guildford in county called Surrey in the UK. Where some of Olympics players back in 2012 have been training for their chosen sports. The gym is apart of Surrey Sports Park where I can take up lots of different things if I wanted to. I have taken up a personal trainer to help me to get back into it and help me with my goals. 

I do like to go traveling when I have the time and the money to do so. Been to Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Bournmouth, Poole and Southampton on my own but with friends of course. I would love to go explore a bit more of the U.K. When I have the chance to be able to do it. 

The job that I am currently doing involves with special needs children in a school from the age of 3-18 year olds where you have two schools in one building. I have worked in both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been working with the school for 3 years coming up to my fourth year this September. I have worked with special needs children for 3 years prior to this in a charity in my local town. Yeah all in all been doing it for nearly 7 years now started when I was 21 years old and now I’m 25 it’s goes quite quickly. I think I’ve added up right yeah I have haha me and maths don’t mix. I love the job as much as I hated my first proper job since I left college in 2011. It does have its days that I want pack it in but where is the fun of helping other people out who need it the most.

I think that’s it about me for now. Otherwise I think I might start rambling on to the point that it won’t make any sense. I have a habit when I read something online like a newspaper article like yesterday and someone who wrote it didn’t proof read it properly neither did the boss who read it. I tweet back with something like “which day is it? 24th or 26th. Proof read is important before publishing. I do hope they can resolve this” making it relevant to the article as well. Don’t worry I won’t start proof read any of your work but useful tip is to proof read your work before publishing it up. I hold my hands up I sometimes don’t proof read my stuff but I have taught myself out to write better context than schools that I have been too. They were pretty rubbish to be honest because they never really challenged me except college because they believed in me more than school. 

If you like to know more about me more than happy to do a few Q&A post for you.